Alan C. Peterson


Alan C. Peterson is a recognized character actor, known for his ability to disappear into the extremely varied roles he plays. He has hundreds of film and television credits, and has performed in projects throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Alan grew up in the Estonian/Canadian culture in Toronto where his first acting experiences were with expatriate Estonian stage stars and directors. In his teens he headed to New York City to study with Stella Adler and Kim Stanley, both legends of the acting world. While in New York, Alan appeared in various Off Broadway productions.

Alan has appeared in Cold Spring for Hallmark, as well as guest starring roles in the series Copper, Cracked and The Listener, to name a few. Alan had five feature films come out in 2013, including a stellar performance as Terrance, a conspiracy theorist and whistleblower in The Conspiracy, a horror film receiving wide acclaim at international film festivals. Other films in 2013 include, The Black Marks with Kurt Russell, Matt Dillon, and Terrence Stamp, A Single Shot, with Sam Rockwell and William H. Macy, A Pride of Lions with Seymour Cassel, Louis Gossett Jr., Margot Kidder and Bo Svenson, as well as Patch Town, a dystopian fantasy co-starring Lisa Ray and Julian Richings.

Other film roles include Officer Stanley Timmons in Antoine Fuqua's Shooter with Mark Wahlberg, Freeman Franks in Joe Carnahan's NARC with Ray Liotta and Jason Patrick, as The Big Boss in Zach Snyders Sucker Punch.