Twitter Popularity Index

What is the Popularity Index?

The Twitter Popularity Index is a real-time monitoring of which players are most popular and least popular. These rankings are determined by what YOU, the viewers, are saying about the players on Twitter. Players tweeted about favorably are highly ranked, while those with negative things being tweeted about them are lowest ranked. The below is updated in real-time 24/7. So check back often – rankings can change at any moment depending on what you and other viewers are saying on Twitter!

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What you say matters: Tweet your opinion!

By tweeting about the players, you help determine their popularity. The most and least popular will be given weekly rewards and punishments that can help (or hurt) their gameplay. So get involved and tweet what you feel (love, hate, anger, frustration) about a player using their name (their name on the show, not their twitter handle) and #Oppositeworlds (ex: "Love Jane! #oppositeworlds"). It's not how MANY tweets a player gets, but how you FEEL about them that determines popularity – so don't hold back! 

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