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A dark and terrifying demon haunts a couple's new home.

The Snyder family must battle an evil entity that lives in their pond or lose their daughter forever.

A deceased grandfather returns to torment the granddaughter that turned off his life support.

A possessed doll stops at nothing to steal a little girl's spirit.

A family battles the ghost of an evil physician ... and a demon-god known as Molech.

Three college students are terrorized by a demon intent on tearing their lives apart.

The abandoned Windrift Motel may push its owners to the brink of evil.


Subject Names: Lt. Colonel Charles Halt, Master Sgt. Ike Barker, Airman John Burroughs, Staff Sgt. James W. Penniston, Staff. Sgt. Munroe Nevells
Subject Location: Rendlesham Forest, England   

Subject Names:  Father Vince Lampert, Father Carmine De Filippis
Subject Location
:  Indiana and The Vatican
Paranormal Experience
:  An American exorcist’s training and first case

Subject Names: Debra Pickman, Tony Pickman, Karen Loder, Craig Armstrong
Subject Location: Atchison, Kansas
Paranormal Experience: