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Three college students are terrorized by a demon intent on tearing their lives apart.

The abandoned Windrift Motel may push its owners to the brink of evil.


Subject Names: Lt. Colonel Charles Halt, Master Sgt. Ike Barker, Airman John Burroughs, Staff Sgt. James W. Penniston, Staff. Sgt. Munroe Nevells
Subject Location: Rendlesham Forest, England   

Subject Names:  Father Vince Lampert, Father Carmine De Filippis
Subject Location
:  Indiana and The Vatican
Paranormal Experience
:  An American exorcist’s training and first case

Subject Names: Debra Pickman, Tony Pickman, Karen Loder, Craig Armstrong
Subject Location: Atchison, Kansas
Paranormal Experience: 

Bill Vaile was inherently curious.  All of his jobs had involved technology or engineering.  He'd even worked in the aerospace program and as a robotics engineer.  A divorce made Bill rethink his life.  He decided to move back home.  He got a job at the same water treatment system dealer as his...

Subject Names: Matt Brown, Ken Fisher, Linda Fisher, Cherie Hitesman, James Wegener
Subject Location: South Carolina
Paranormal Experience: A very, very haunted house

Subject Names: Jenny Coffeen, Kyle Coffeen, Josh Coffeen, Makela Coffeen, Noah Coffeen, Kari Skinner; Tim Maille
Subject Location:  Chilton, Wisconsin
Paranormal Experience: 

Subject Names: Capt. Jim Moore,Nancy Weber, Det. Bill Hughes
Subject Location: New Jersey
Paranormal Experience: A psychic helps find a multiple murderer

Subject Names: Mark Spencer, Rebecca Spencer, Bronte Spencer, Destiny Higgins, Reagan Dye, Bess Maxwell
Subject Location: Monticello, Arkansas
Paranormal Experience: A young woman makes sure her love story is told