Babes in the Woods
Season 1 - Episode 7
Babes in the Woods

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At HQ, Cross is frustrated that they can't predit when anomalies will close, or whether they'll close for good, and sciences something about measuring radiation. Toby isn't optimistic about her equipment's capabilities in that regard, but when her sensors go off, she looks even more freaked out. After leaving a voicemail for someone named Allison, she grabs Mac and suggests they go check it out just the two of them. Mac refuses to leave without notifying Cross, and Mac has to admit that, in college, she used to pose for the "burlesque babes" we saw earlier. The anomaly she just got a hit on is right near the cabin they used to use for shoots. Mac sees the appeal of "models in danger," but still won't go with her alone.

Elsewhere, Cross broods on his wedding ring until Ange appears to say she turned down the Sun Group job. A brief, strained Define The Relationship talk follows, and it's unclear whether they Did It or just kissed or what, but we don't find out before Mac yells up that there's an anomaly. Toby tries to stammer out that she used to be a burlesque model, but of course Cross already knows ("you can't scrub the whole internet, Toby"), so she can grab her stuff and get moving. And guess who else is coming along? Ange, who's changed from her customary six-inch spikes into workout gear. Dylan isn't about that, warning that it's kind of dangerous, but Ange shows off some kung-fu moves and that's that.

Well, sort of. Dylan has to teach her to use a taser, and she's never fired a rifle, and Mac is so obsessed with downloading Toby's half-naked pics that he's not going to be much help. The models, meanwhile, assume Bobby the photographer "flaked out" again, and one in particular, Nat, is taken aback that Toby has a boyfriend (Toby is taken aback in turn that Nat thinks it's Mac). Our dino-villain, an ornitholestes, appears just then and gives chase, so Nat jumps in the van and careers down the side of a mountain, and even when they lose the dino, she won't stop, so Toby has to taser her and they crash. Nobody's hurt, but the axle is crunched and Nat is not happy.

Neither is Cross, who doesn't see what Ange is trying to prove by tagging along. She's tired of trying to drag him back into the office; she wants to know what goes on on these hunts. Dylan shoots them both a "not now with the territorial argument" look, to no avail, as Ange has just spotted the mauled Bobby and looks ill.

As Toby briefs Nat, who is her ex-girlfriend, about what she really does for a living (with an assist from Mac, who hilariously dumbs down Toby's explanation of the anomalies with a shrugged "big shiny hole in the universe; spits out dinosaurs"), an ornitho flushes Ange out and chases her. Much zigging and zagging ensues while Cross and Dylan yell instructions. A Cross tackle and a Dylan taser shot save Ange; now they have 3-6 hours to drag the dino back to the anomaly…if that's the only one. Ange suggests calling Ken Leeds, which Cross of course refuses to do.

They drag and drag and drag some more. Toby, Mac, and Nat get menaced by a bear, and Nat is annoyed that Toby will taser her, but not Smokey. Dylan, meanwhile, is annoyed that Ange won't admit what she's really doing there, and Ange has to concede that she doesn't really know, right before Cross tasers another dino that promptly crashes into a ravine and disappears…and then Dylan tumbles down another hill and dislocates her shoulder, but not before shooting another series of frustrated glares at Ange and Cross as they passive-aggressive at each other about their pre-lationship. Cross says he's going to put the joint back in on the count of five, and of course does it on two instead, because this is how it's done on TV.

What's done less often on TV is two ladies making out in front of a portal in time and space, but that's what's happening; Toby says a lot of mathy things about the portal, and when Nat brings it down a notch by merely saying that it's pretty, Toby remembers that that's what she loved about Nat, and they kiss...

...but elsewhere, the other ornitho has come out to menace Ange again, and gets a side kick for its trouble. It also gets a tasering, which annoys it sufficiently that it heads for the anomaly and home -- and it nearly knocks Mac over in its mad dash for the distant past. Toby and Nat have to swing over the side of a bridge to get out of its way, and the others have to haul them up while Ange becomes entranced by the anomaly. Cross lets himself become entranced by the idea of letting Ken Leeds handle the clean-up, and as he gazes sentimentally at Ange, Dylan gazes sentimentally at him. Oh, love triangles. You're the worst.

Wait: The second-worst. The worst is Leeds's jerky superior, who's taking compromising pics of the dinos with his personal camera, and needling Leeds about getting what they need from Cross (and, it's implied, disposing of Cross afterwards). How long will Leeds stay with the evil government? How long will Cross stay with Ange? Stay tuned!

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