Screening RoomRed Faction Origins

Jake Mason (Brian J. Smith)

The son of legendary Martian hero Alec Mason, Jake Mason is an officer in the Red Faction who's about to discover family secrets that could shake the whole planet.

Brian J. Smith starred as First Lieutenant Matthew Scott on Syfy's Stargate Universe. He is a graduate of the four-year acting program at The Julliard School in New York City and appeared in the feature films The War Boys and Redhook.

Alec Mason (Robert Patrick)

Alec Mason led a rebellion against the tyranny of the Earth Defense Force 25 years ago. He has since lost his wife and daughter to a vengeful enemy.

Robert Patrick is best known for his performance as the T-100 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Other film credits include The Faculty, Spy Kids, Copland and Walk the Line. He has also been seen on television in HBO's Big Love, the action-drama The Unit and in the last two seasons of The X-Files.


Adam Hale (Gareth David-Lloyd)

The charismatic Adam Hale is the leader of the violent and mysterious White Faction, encountered by Jake Mason on a post-liberation Mars.

Gareth David-Lloyd is known to genre fans from his role as Ianto Jones on the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood. He has also appeared in the innovative web drama Girl Number 9, and is a veteran of the British stage.

The Matriarch (Kate Vernon)

The Matriarch is the leader of the tribal, reclusive and often bloody Marauders sect, which allied with the Red Faction to push the EDF from Mars.

Kate Vernon previously appeared as Ellen Tigh in Syfy's  Battlestar Galactica. She has appeared in films such as Malcom X and Pretty in Pink, but made her biggest splash in television, with roles on shows like Bones, Heroes, Nash Bridges, L.A. Law, and Falcon Crest.

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