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The Fight of Your Life
Season 1 - Episode 4
The Fight of Your Life
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Another great matchup this week, on the road to $100,000 and the title of Robot Combat League champion! Tonight, it's the final match of Round 1, pitting Steam Punk against Medieval. 

Team Steam Punk is made up of Ashley and Kyle, a mom and the youngest competitor in the tournament. Ashley is a professional Wonder Woman, and she's certainly into her DC superheroes - so much so that she named her son Justice Lee, after the Justice League! Meanwhile, Kyle teaches kids, ages 5-14. It takes a while for these two to get on the same page. Kyle seems to be in his own world and isn't coordinating his movements with Ashley's at all. "I'm relating to cool stuff like robots and electronics and gadgets," he says. "And she's not into that at all."

Team Medieval is much more harmonious. Heather is "a celebrity in the world of robotics," per her fellow competitors. She's a renowned robot designer and an M.I.T. grad. Meanwhile, John is an athletic specimen, a former college football player. Robot-guru Mark calls them "the ultimate combination of jock and brain." It looks like Kyle has a little bit of brain vs. jock resentment of John going on. Which side will win out?

Mark brings in a surprise guest to help the contestants train and improve their punching skills: Freddie Roach is a famed boxing/MMA trainer who's trained Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao. He gives John especially a good lesson in keeping his fists up.

As the robots size each other up, we see that Steam Punk has some gigantic hulk-fists, while Medieval is armed with a shield on one hand and a mace on the other. Steam Punk also has no armor on its shoulders, which is important, since the robots' arms have been so vulnerable in this competition, even WITH armor. In Round 1, Medieval loses its shield early on, but its mace is really doing damage. Ashley is punching back hard for Steam Punk, hitting so hard that it knocks its own fist off! After the round is over, Ashley races down to tend to her "child." Can the team repair Steam Punk in time for round 2?

In Round 2, Ashley is taking huge shots at Medieval again, and both teams are landing big punches. John is targeting Steam Punk's exposed shoulders with huge punches. Ashley is getting desperate, taking big swings -- and she manages to bust Medieval open!  And then again! On that second shot, hydraulic fluid sprays right up into John's face! After the round is done, it looks like the match is tied, one round a piece.

John is worried that Medieval may have to fight Round 3 without the function of its left arm. Indeed, that repair is looking less and less likely to happen before the 20-minute interval is up. So, John decides to put the mace on the stronger right arm for the rest of the match. Meanwhile, Ashley and Kyle are doing a lot better as teammates. She says she's impressed with how he worked the whole space of the ring in Round 2.

In Round 3, Steam Punk is making smart hits, but John's brute strength pushes Steam Punk back. Steam Punk knocks Medieval's shoulder armor off. Ashley's going to town, and Medieval is on retreat. John is using that one mace arm as protection, and he busts Steam Punk open on its shoulder. As the round closes, Steam Punk makes a late barrage of punches, and both machines are gushing as the match ends. BUT WHO WON??

In the closest fight in Round 1, the judges' decision is unanimous -- Steam Punk is the winner! 

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