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Wild Card Fight
Season 1 - Episode 7
Wild Card Fight
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Another great matchup this week on the road to $100,000 and the title of Robot Combat League champion! Tonight, our semifinal matchups are ALMOST set. The three semifinal teams -- Scorpio, Crash, and Steam Punk -- gather around Dave Farra, who tells them that the fourth semifinalist team will come from those who have already been eliminated. Two eliminated teams will get the chance to fight their way back into the competition. To determine which team, the eliminated contestants will each vote -- but they can't vote for themselves. 

The eliminated teams make their faces. Obviously, boastful Devonric thinks Brimstone deserves to come back. Amanda Lucas feels the same way about Robo Hammer, who was eliminated in all of thirty seconds: "We were winning the fight! It was a lucky shot!" Ultimately, the teams vote, and the winners are Team Thunder Skull (Brandon and Heather) and Team Steel Cyclone (George and Bayano). 

Both teams then have to compete in a Power-Up Challenge, in which they have 60 minutes to get their robot assembled -- after 60 mins, that's the robot you're working with. They get an assist from Mark Setrakian, our robot guru, but the work has to be done themselves. The teams struggle with things like finding the right screws, but after some tense moments, both robots are fully assembled. 

When it comes time to fight, Dave Farra assembles both teams in an empty arena. No fans to cheer them on, only Kyle and Ashley from Team Steam Punk to observe their next opponents. 
In Round 1, Thunder Skull comes on strong with relentless attacks, knocking Steel Cyclone around. Steel Cyclone is trying to pick its shots and fight smart, though, and it makes a mid-round comeback. At one point, Steel Cyclone knocks Thunder Skull's dome off! It also busts open Thunder Skull's left arm. Still, Heather's aggression with her constant punching has Thunder Skull on the offensive, and Dave Farra gives the first round to Thunder Skull. 

Between rounds, Steel Cyclone is hopeful that the shot to Thunder Skull's arm will put that arm out of commission, but no such luck. Meanwhile, Brandon is a bit concerned that Heather is "wasting a lot of energy" with all that haphazard punching. In Round 2, Heather lands some early punches, but Steel Cyclone fights back. It has barely just gotten the upper hand when Thunder Skull lands a direct hit to the midsection that crumples Steel Cyclone and leaves it helpless for the rest of the round! 

Team Steel Cyclone has a HUGE repair job between rounds this time. The broken midsection actuator is gonna be a big problem, having taken some serious damage. George is taking it upon himself, the robot doctor, to get his robot back on track. "I'm not gonna go down as the robot guy who lost twice," George says. Meanwhile, Brandon and Heather see Steel Cyclone hoisted up on the rack for repairs and are hopeful that it won't be able to continue. But after a tense commercial break, Steel Cyclone is back from the dead! It's all up to the final round now. 

In Round 3, Thunder Skull is still very aggressive, but Heather looks fatigued. At the same time, Steel Cyclone is coming to life! All they need is one shot to turn this whole fight around -- and they get it! Steel Cyclone lands a direct hit that breaks Thunder Skull in half. What a comeback! Thunder Skull cannot continue, and the judges end the round. Dave brings the teams out for the decision: Steel Cyclone wins! They're moving on to the semifinals. Brandon and Heather are bummed, but grateful to have gotten a chance to compete. "We're the powerful team now," says George. "We're the team to beat."

So the semifinals are set. The teams are brought into the arena by Chris Jericho, who tells them they're now raising the stakes. He brings out that table full of weapons that the teams saw a few weeks ago (when Team A.X.E. chose to select their opponent instead of weapon up.) Chris from Team Scorpio still wants that drillbit attachment, badly. These weapons, says Chris Jericho, will be used in the third round of the semifinal fights. After a random draw for picks, first is Scorpio. They pick the drillbit, obviously. Steam Punk and Steel Cyclone are next, and Crash picks last. They get the bluntest of the four weapons. 

So we're set for a semifinal clash between Scorpio and Crash and Steampunk and Steel Cyclone...but we'll have to wait for NEXT WEEK! 

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