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Mark Setrakian

Robot Expert

Mark Setrakian, the creator of all the robots you see on Robot Combat League, has always loved them.

Combining his two great passions: monsters and machines, Mark Setrakian started his film career at the age of nineteen at George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic.

In 1987, Mark moved to Los Angeles and went to work for make-up effects legend Rick Baker. Heading up Rick's Mechanical Department, Mark pioneered cutting-edge creature effects, animatronics, and custom software for such films as Men In Black, Men In Black II, Men in Black III The Grinch, and Mighty Joe Young, to name a few. In subsequent years, Mark has had the opportunity to tackle some of the most challenging and rewarding projects of his career: Hellboy, Lady In The Water, Land Of The Lost, Hellboy II, and 2013 releases like Hansel & Gretel and Pacific Rim. Mark is regarded by many of his colleagues as "the best mechanic in Hollywood", and is known for exceptionally expressive mechanisms that work without fail.

Parallel to his film career, Mark Setrakian is a founding competitor and celebrity in the engineering challenge/spectator sport of robotic combat. He was the Heavyweight Champion of Robot Wars, and has been voted to win Best Engineering, Best Design, and Coolest Robot seven times by his fellow competitors at BattleBots. Many young robot builders have cited Mark as their inspiration for getting into engineering and robotics.

In pursuing his interests, Mark's circle of resources has grown to include artists, special effects experts, electrical engineers, computer scientists, machinists, fabricators, mathematicians, and physicists, all of whom have contributed to Mark's unquenchable thirst for knowledge and new challenges.

A San Francisco native, Mark lives in the Hollywood Hills with his wife and high-school sweetheart Anne Russell Arons.

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