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Big Bertha

Big Bertha

The most powerful Abnormal on Earth is a giantic, crab-like, undersea creature, referred to by some as the Hindu goddess Kali. The Sanctuary network refers to her as Big Bertha. Intelligent and psychic, Big Bertha possesses incredible magnetic powers that can effect tectonic plates around the world. The Sanctuary network deemed her a threat to the planet, and Magnus was tasked with killing her.

Magnus chose to let Bertha live in secret, however. Her reasoning was that, historically, Abnormals as powerful as Bertha have a symbiotic relationship with the Earth. Magnus reasoned that killing Bertha would likely cause immeasurable destruction to the Earth in the form of tidal changes and massive geological shifts. Magnus chose to keep Bertha in a massive containment field at the bottom of the ocean.

Recently, though, Bertha escaped this field, and several powerful factions around the world are vying for control over her before her powers destroy the world.

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