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One of the most adorable Abnormals in existence, Nubbins are a friendly race of small, round creatures that originate from the rain forests around Ecuador. Their powers are fascinating, as they can instantly turn invisible at the first sign of danger. Also, they emit pheromones so powerful that they inspire nearby humans to mate with each other.

However cuddly they are, Nubbins (named by Dr. Helen Magnus' daughter Ashley) should never be made into pets, as they can fast become a plague that puts rabbits and cane toads to shame. Within one day, two Nubbins can produce over a dozen offspring, and each of those offspring can mature to reproductive age within the next day. In large numbers, they can overcome fierce predators. If Nubbins get loose around you, you can corral them by reproducing their distress call, and you can immobilize them in cold weather.

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