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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, pioneer of electricity and the man who discovered AC power, is one of The Five. When the group members each injected themselves with pure Source Vampire Blood, Tesla gained the most Vampiric traits from it. Given the gifts of Vampiric longevity, speed, and strength, he could also change to a Vampiric form with fangs and claws at will. Additionally, Tesla gained the power to manipulate and withstand large electrical currents, an ability he is fond of using (he even fell asleep in Edison's electric chair once). Since humanity slaughtered the Vampires long ago, Tesla eventually left The Five, and has been trying to bring back the Vampire race ever since. Deviously smart, charismatic, and manipulative, Tesla is often too mischievous to be trustworthy, and the methods he devises to try to resurrect the Vampiric race often scare and anger more ethical scientists.

In fact, he is so intelligent that Tesla, in many ways, became a victim of his own successes. In a recent attempt to resurrect the Vampire race, he inadvertently created Vampires that were too powerful and uncontrollable. He battled them using an invention of his called the "De-Vamper," which turned them back into mortals. Unfortunately for Tesla, in the struggle, he too got de-vamped, and seemed to lose all his powers. After repeated attempts to turn himself back into a Vampire, he later discovered that he could control magnetic fields, suggesting that the de-vamper only changed his powers, rather than removing them.

Recently, Tesla was caught looking for samples of Source Blood that the Cabal experimented with. It is unclear whether he was ever able to find such a sample, but if he did, he would once again become a charismatic but very dangerous Vampire.

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