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Frat House Phantom
Season 1 - Episode 106
Frat House Phantom
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Welcome to the season finale of School Spirits…and it's going to be a good one!

Slippery Rock University, the typical small school with a cluster of fraternities. Sigma Alpha Phi was known for its parties, but it seemed there were spirits, not just the kind one drinks, in attendance! David, a pledge, was the first to report a full experience.  He was in the attic watching the police monitor during a party when suddenly the signal was scrambled and something was in the room with him!  Adam, the rule breaker, joined David and they heard giggling and laughing.  Assuming it was a frat prank, they tried to figure out who was doing it. But everyone else was asleep. They are freaked! 
Skeptical big brother Justin later hears about these events and decides to make a show of calling out the so-called ghosts.  He smashes a bottle on the ground to make fun of the believers, and suddenly there is a HUGE bang on the wall causing the lights to go out.  They all felt there was something in the room with them. Uh-oh. Don't mess with the ghosts! 

On a separate night Daniel, a senior, heard banging from inside an empty room.  It turns out a fraternity paddle had fallen from the wall and was in the middle of the room but when he tried to touch it, it moves across the room.  Then another paddle flew off the wall right at him! FREAK OUT TIME!!

Wisely, the guys buy an Ouija board, and when asked, "What did you do here?" the board spells "KILL".  The board continues to move- with no one touching it- it spelled out S-A-M.  At that moment the door slams trapping the guys. Then the door suddenly swings open knocking a 250lb frat brother down.

Shortly after the incident—one by one, people start to move out of the house. 

Adam was one of the few who stayed but quickly regretted this decision. While napping, his room became ice cold and suddenly, the sheets started to strangle him leaving a mark.  Over time he lost so much sleep that his grades began to slip and he started to lose his mind.

Adam confided in Daniel, and the two decided to do some investigating.  They looked into the name "Sam" in that areas history.  What they discovered was outrageous.  It turns out in 1843 a Native American known as Sam Mohawk.  Locals who ran him out of town had treated Sam poorly. He came back later and approached a family farm, murdering a young mother and her five children. 

A posse formed, and Sam was hanged from a tree that was literally within a stones throw from the fraternity house. The guys called a friend with paranormal experience to help.  She was horrified that they'd used an Ouija board and insisted they burn it as part of a cleansing ritual.  The cleansing seemed to calm the paranormal activities.  But the brothers will always sleep with one eye open. 

Because…What if Sam Mohawk is still there?



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