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Campus Warning Signs
Season 1 - Episode 105
Campus Warning Signs
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Rebecca Kirschbaum started off her freshman year at Eastern Kentucky University on a great note- hanging out with football players and going to all the cool parties. Then one day, it all changed...

Rebecca saw, in a crowded hallway, a man with no eyes.  She tried to shake it off, convinced it was her imagination, but as time went on, she saw things more frequently: a bloodied boy crawling down the dorm steps and dark figures.  Her mom took her to a counselor and she was medicated to get some relief. To escape, she also began drawing.

Stephanie Bingham, a classmate who was into the occult, noticed Rebecca's drawings. Stephanie was well acquainted with the spirits about the campus and knew that she could help Rebecca. Meanwhile, Rebecca was using prayer to make the spirits go away- even the ones in her room. 

The next day, the roommate told Rebecca that she had seen the same ghost that was haunting her and began sleeping in the lobby. At her wit's end, she went out to find Stephanie.

Stephanie goes to meet the ghost, and didn't think it was malevolent so she recommended Rebecca move. The problem was, the ghosts were following Rebecca!  After enough nightmares, she finally moved to a new dorm. But what are the odds that she gets assigned to be roommates with Stephanie?? That was fateful and freaky!    

Rebecca continues to be haunted by ghosts chasing her and calling her name, which petrified her… but to Stephanie it was a gift! They became more friendly and enjoyed sharing the ghosts they could both see.

Things changed, however, when an angry spirit of a little girl with an evil aura pushed Stephanie down the stairs!!  NOT cool.

Rebecca brought Stephanie home to her parents' house for a visit, and apparently the ghosts followed the girls because soon Stephanie's mom and dad began experiencing the activity, and eventually something pushed Stephanie's mother down the stairs!  Whoa.Back at school, Rebecca's tormentor became increasingly aggressive.  Calling Rebecca's name and slapping a bloody hand on the glass- that was the final line for Rebecca.  She said, "leave me alone!" and the ghost left.  But Rebecca became increasingly agitated and depressed. 

Then Rebecca's friend Kevin Dade also started seeing the ghost of the bloody woman, and it said to him, "Someone's been murdered!" What?!  Was that message meant for Rebecca? 

Events come to a head when Stephanie and Rebecca encounter the spirit together, late at night. Finally, Rebecca faced the ghost but then they were chased by a living man wearing a mask! 

The girls conduct research, only to find out that a woman had been brutally murdered right by the campus the year prior. The woman with the bloody feet had warned them and saved their lives!

Now, Rebecca and Stephanie are best friends, who do everything- including meet ghosts- together.


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