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Todd Lasance

Few names in history command the power and respect that Caesar's does. With a noble lineage sired from Venus herself, and Romulus, the exalted founder of Rome, it was his birthright to rule…and he knows it. Arrogant and intelligent, but with fighting skills to rival those of a gladiator, Caesar is never one to be underestimated. Yet despite his heritage, and his formidable skills as both warrior, tactician, and commander of legions, he lacks the wealth to see his ambitions play out; wealth that Marcus Crassus has in abundance. And so, seeing opportunity for both to advance within Rome, they join forces with one aim - to bring death to Spartacus and his rebel army.

About Todd Lasance

Todd Lasance is an Australian actor who can be seen in the lead role of Quick Lamb in "Cloudstreet." His performance earned him a 2012 AACTA Award nomination for Best Guest or Supporting Actor in a Television Drama. He also starred in the popular: Underbelly – Tell Them Lucifer Was Here, The Great Mint Swindle, and Brothers in Arms. He won the 2009 TV Week Silver Logie for Most Popular Actor in a Television Series for his role as Aden in Home & Away. Todd's other television credits include McLeod's Daughters, Blue Water High, and Blackjack – Ghost. He can also be seen in the Fool's Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson.