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Gwendoline Taylor

A shy, sweet and innocent young slave, Sibyl is given her freedom when Gannicus ends her master's life. From that point on she becomes enamored with him, in his shadow at every turn, hoping to find her affections reciprocated by the brash swordsman. But could Gannicus ever find happiness in the arms of such a delicate young flower?

About Gwendoline Taylor

Originally a post production major, Gwendoline Taylor was told by tutors a month into her studies at South Seas Film & Television School that she belonged in front of the camera. Recently, Gwendoline filmed a lead role in the independent feature Someone to Carry Me. Other film roles have included Emily in Sione's 2: Unfinished Business, the sequel to the very popular Sione's Wedding. She has also appeared in the New Zealand TV series Go Girls.