StrandedLife After Stranded

Life After Stranded

Katie Burton

1. During the week, were you ever so afraid that you wanted to leave the location?

Yes and no. The last night, I think we all just shut down and didn't want to actively investigate anymore. I know I was tired of constantly feeling on edge! At the same time though, no matter how scared I was, I was always curious to know more about the mansion. I knew I would never let myself quit. There were enough cool moments to make the scary ones worth it.

2. When you felt yourself growing scared, what did you do to calm down?

I was with two adult guys who act like 8 year-old boys, so it was easy to snap out of it and calm down. All we wanted to do after being scared was to laugh.

3. Did you have any nightmares or ill feelings after filming?

No nightmares. But the sounds of the city that I usually don't think twice about made me jumpy for a couple of nights after. I had gotten used to analyzing every little noise in the mansion.

4. If you had the opportunity, would you ever go back to the location?

I totally would. We were lucky to be at such a beautiful and historic place. It was stunning. I wouldn't willingly sleep there, but I definitely would go back during the day! Even though weird things still happened during the day...

5. After your experiences, do you now believe in the paranormal?

I believe in a lingering feeling or presence. It's almost like when you have an intuition that something has happened to someone you love. You're attached to them in a way. I think locations that have seen and been through a lot can experience the same kind of feeling. It's hard to describe what I went through at the mansion besides saying that I could just feel when a room changed. Or I could feel that a room had a good vibe or a bad vibe. There was definitely activity happening, and I could physically feel it and in some cases hear it. So I would say that yes, I certainly believe that a person's presence or the feelings they experienced, if strong enough, can linger in a place. I think that's kind of beautiful.

6. What advice would you give to someone who's headed to a haunted location?

Be open. Actively explore. I wish there were times that I had looked into things more instead of writing it off as nothing. And trust what you're feeling. It sounds cliché, but that's how I know for sure that something was happening there. Your intuition kicks in for a reason. Oh, and have fun, because seeing a new side of life is always interesting!


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