StrandedLife After Stranded

Life After Stranded

Shannon Keener

1. During the week, were you ever so afraid that you wanted to leave the location?

Not once! Yeah, there were times I wanted to bail the heck out of there because I was so afraid and didn’t understand why these paranormal things were happening, but at the same time, I was so intrigued. I didn't even think about leaving because I always wanted to find out more.

2. When you felt yourself growing scared, what did you do to calm down?

There are different levels of fear. When I felt myself growing truly scared, there was no way I could calm down, especially during the most intense moments. How could I?! Then there were times when I was creeped-out…walking down the hallway alone or up the stairs into a room…but I would try telling myself to just keep going and that it was just a typical house. But sometimes I was so scared that I couldn't even breathe…literally, so then that logic didn't work for me. Instead of freaking out, I would try to think about just getting through a circumstance. I would also try and be in the middle of Jeff and Tommy during investigations, so if anything were to happen, the boys would be the first to go! 

3. Did you have any nightmares or ill feelings after filming?

I have had absolutely no nightmares or any negative feelings after filming. Since I didn't sense evil, but more sorrow, sadness, and mourning, I didn't feel frightened when I left. The impact the house had on me was something memorable to my heart. I will always have the whole experience of being there and feeling like I in some way helped and connected with the spirits in the house. It is a great feeling.

4. If you had the opportunity, would you ever go back to the location?

In a heartbeat. Without a doubt. Wouldn't think twice.

5. After your experiences, do you now believe in the paranormal?

I always sort of believed in the paranormal before this, but I never experienced anything of that nature. The things that I went through in the house were definitely way more involved than just your average "bump in the night." I’d say the entire experience totally changed my belief from 60% to 100%. 

6. What advice would you give to someone who's headed to a haunted location?

Bring a pack of huggies! Haha. Let me tell you something - there were times I felt like my whole body was completely empty, soulless, drained of every aspect of my own human life. There are times I felt cold, or that something was preying on my energy. I was nothing but speechless at times wondering if I was going crazy or whether what just happened really did happen. That’s the best way I can explain the fear that came across me. For all you ghost lovers out there, I know it’s very exciting, and the anticipation to witness the paranormal is overwhelming, but when you go to live in a real haunted location, it’s different. Once you take your first step inside, everything...becomes...real.


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