StrandedHaunted - Or Not?

Haunted - Or Not?

West Virginia Penitentiary

Location: Moundsville, West Virginia
Original Use: State prison
Size: A fortified compound more than 5 city blocks long that sits on 12 square acres of land. The main prison has 500 operating cells on 4 floors as well as a rec yard, chapel, mess hall, administrative offices, tunnels, and a basement
Isolation: Sits adjacent to the town of Moundsville, but is fortified behind high walls.


  • During operation, there were 998 documented deaths within these walls, including 94 hangings and electrocutions.
  • Many died during experimental treatments in the psych ward, or at the hands of guards. 
  • Prisoner Red Snyder was stabbed 37 times in his cell and his spirit is said to violently haunt the North cellblock.
  • Inmate R.D. Wall was stabbed and sliced up in the basement. To this day, this apparition can be seen roaming the pitch-black tunnels beneath the compound. 
  • The chapel in the rec yard is said to be home to a violent phantom priest, and an infamous "shadow man" has been photographed lurking the halls.

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