StrandedHaunted - Or Not?

Haunted - Or Not?

Three Valley Chateu

Location: Revelstoke, British Columbia
Original Use: Hotel
Size: 50,000 square foot hotel with more than two hundred rooms.
Isolation: 12 miles from the town of Revelstoke, the hotel sits on spacious lakefront grounds along the Trans-Canada Highway.


  • The property sits alongside an old ghost town made up of more than 20 buildings that were transplanted from around the country.
  • It's believed that sprits from these buildings came along for the ride and now reside in the lonely halls of the Chateau.
  • At night a strange fog rolls over the river and seems to embrace the hotel. Guests looking out into the mist have seen terrifying apparitions including faces that press against the glass. 
  • The sound of fingers clawing at the windows is also reported.
  • Several guests have passed away inside the hotel, and a number of rooms are considered haunted. 
  • Doors sway and creak on their own and guests have spotted shadows of children running along the long, dimly lit halls.
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