Meet the rest of the cast for Fox's Minority Report TV series

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Mar 3, 2015

Last Friday, we told you that Meagan Good (Think Like a Man) would be playing the female lead, Detective Lara Vega — a woman haunted by her past — in Fox’s Minority Report TV series. Now you can finally meet the rest of the cast.

The new series, which actually follows the movie 10 years after the shutdown of Precrime in Washington, D.C. (and is thus a continuation and not a reboot), will center around one of the three Precogs (Dash) from the original 2002 movie.  We’ll get to follow him as he tries to lead a normal life, all the while struggling with his “gift.”

So, who’s rounding up the lead cast of the upcoming sci-fi TV series?

Stark Sands (Inside Llewyn Davis) will play the lead dual roles of identical twin brothers Dash (Dashiell) and Arthur, the two male Precogs from the movie. Their unique gift allows them to see into the future -- specifically murders -- before they even happen. The roles were originally played by Michael and Matthew Dickman in the Tom Cruise flick.

Laura Regan (Mad Men) will play the Precog Agatha, a role that was originally portrayed by Samantha Morton in the movie.

Actor Daniel London (Fringe, Manhattan), who was one of the original cast members, is coming back to reprise the role of Wally the Caretaker.

Li Jun Li (Damages) is set to play a CSI technician named Akeela. Nothing more is known of the character so far.

The pilot is being penned by Max Borenstein (Godzilla). Mike Mylod (Game of Thrones) will sit in the director's chair. What do you think of the rest of the Minority Report cast?

UPDATE: Deadline reports that Wilmer Valderrama has just been cast in the role of a new police detective in Vega's precinct named Will Blake, who'll be filling in for Vega when she's out on leave. Upon meeting Blake, Vega takes a dislike to him. 

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