Trek Wreck

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Nov 16, 2008
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The trailer for the new Trek movie just came out in the US (it's shown before "Quantum of Solace"). Bootleg versions are popping up on You Tube; search for Star Trek 11 to find some (I won't point to them, seeing as how they're illegal and all that).

My opinion, as a big Trek fan (I am far more into Trek than, say, Star Wars): the young Kirk part looks like I'd rather nap under a Horta than watch it, but the rest of it looks pretty good. I'm not terribly concerned with "canon" -- the official history established by the show and earlier movies -- because the episodes were so mutually contradictory that the only way to be a Trek fan and not lose your mind is to be a bit lenient in the self-consistency department. For example, there was that one TNG episode with Wesley Crusher in a clown sweater, and it was never mentioned again. What were they thinking?

Anyway, I will most certainly watch the flick, and I will most certainly review it right here after I do. But that's not until May, so for now I'll just try to avoid all the spoilers and catch reruns when they're on TV.