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Jared Turner

Ty is the third Johnson brother. Ty is the human incarnation of Hodor - also known as Hodur or Hoor or Hoth- the blind Norse God of winter and darkness. As Hodor, his Godlike power is to make things slightly colder – a room when he walks into it; a glass of beer when he's holding it, etc. This power gets stronger during moments of intense emotion. Ty hates being Hodor as it defines his life in so many ways.

About Jared Turner

Despite some impressive film & television credits, season one of The Almighty Johnsons was Jared Turner's first lead television role.

His film credits include Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, 30 Days of Night and Fracture. He has also appeared on the television series All Saints, Go Girls, Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, Outrageous Fortune, and Spartacus: War of the Damned.

Jared has performed a range of roles in the theatre including a part in Red Leap Theatre's highly acclaimed The Arrival, playing to audiences in Sydney, Hong Kong, Auckland, and Wellington. He has also performed lead roles in Stepping into Shadows, The Rules of the Game, The Castle, and a Canadian tour of Theatre of Images' Jake & Pete.