The Expanse Episodes


As conspiracies unravel on Earth, desperate moves outside Jupiter result in tragedy.

The Rocinante crew embark on a new mission to stop the Protomolecule just as the unthinkable happens.

War hinges on one Martian’s choice between honesty and loyalty and a rogue Belter’s power play.

A dangerous new threat emerges outside Jupiter, while one lie threatens to destroy the Rocinante crew.

Earth, and the human race, face extinction unless Miller can beat the clock and stop the Protomolecule.

The true power of the Protomolecule is unleashed in one move that will change the course of human history.

Miller’s new plan could change the solar system, while Earth’s fate may be in the hands of an enemy.

The Battle of Thoth Station begins. Agendas are revealed, lines are crossed and not everyone survives. 

In the aftermath of the Eros massacre, Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt are on the brink of war. 


With Holden and Miller uneasy allies, the truth behind Julie Mao's disappearance is revealed. Avasarala uncovers a game-changing secret while the future of the human race might be in Holden and Miller's hands.