For Season 3
Returns in 2018

The Magicians Episodes


With the Fairy threat growing, and magic dying, the Magicians must battle a god to save the world. Candis Cayne guest stars! 

It’s the final showdown between Julia and the god who ruined her life. What happens will change everything.

Julia and Quentin seek help from a new creature to reach the Underworld, while Eliot faces his worst nightmare. 

An alternate reality holds the key to saving Julia, while Margo unloads her secret. Plus: The Poison Room. 

Get ready for a marriage, a kidnapping, a battle, a reunion, a goodbye and an unthinkable betrayal. 

A 500-year-old Niffin and a forest of intelligent trees cause trouble, while Julia’s revenge turns deadly.

What do a group of Magicians do when they need to defeat a God and save a kingdom? Rob a bank, of course.

Another kingdom threatens Fillory, while Julia's revenge plan hits pay dirt. Oh, and there's a Stinkmonster. 

A royal murder plot threatens the kingdom of Fillory, while Quentin is left in one heck of a cliffhanger.

While Quentin and Penny plot to catch the mythical White Lady, a blast from the past returns to help Julia.