The Magicians Episodes


Relationships are changed, alliances are formed, mysteries are solved, battles are fought. Oh, and everyone travels to another dimension.

The consequences of prepping for battle with the Beast go beyond battle scars. Plus: Julia opens a door she may not be able to close.

While Penny fights for survival in another dimension; Alice’s family might be the only ones who can save him. Plus: Margo vs. Margolem!

While Julia discovers a whole new side of magic, the Brakebills students seek entry into a magical dimension: Fillory.

The Beast hatches a deadly new plot against the students of Brakebills, and not everyone will survive.

Somebody leaves school, Alice and Quentin turn into foxes, and Margo faces off with a Djinn. Welcome to Brakebills South!

The Brakebills Students must endure a series of magical trials, while Julia finds a powerful new ally.

Julia's desperation for magic grows, while Quentin gets life altering news. Plus: Get ready to play Welters!

Quentin finds himself in a dangerous and dark world, while Julia crosses a line she might not be able to come back from.