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Top 10 Total Blackouts

10. Doctor Who - "Blink"

Sally Sparrow has been stalked by the Weeping Angels, malevolent aliens who appear as statues and have the ability to send a person back in time against their will. The Angels have one weakness: They can't move if someone is looking at them. Blink, and you're a goner. In the climax of the episode, Sally tries to send the TARDIS back to The Doctor - who is stuck in 1969 - with the Angels in hot pursuit. In an attempt to stop her, the Angels zap the electricity from the lights, plunging the room into darkness and preventing Sally from seeing them so they can move in for the kill. Luckily, Sally gets inside the TARDIS just as the Angels surround her and she successfully sends the machine back in time. Because they had encircled the TARDIS as it disappeared, the Angels were looking directly at each other, thus turning them into stone for all of eternity. 

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