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Entering the Darkness/2 Heads Are Blinder Than 1
Season 1 - Episode 1
Entering the Darkness/2 Heads Are Blinder Than 1

Our first competition sees four unique individuals compete for the $5,000 prize:

Patrick - A male, 45 year-old Deputy Sheriff
Awet - A female, 36 year-old Administrator
Chynna - A female, 20-yeard in Pest Control Sales
Marq - A male, 36-year old Photographer.

Challenge 1 - The Tanks

The contestants are tasked with feeling items in four tanks containing cockroaches, a pineapple, an octpous and a bra, respectively, and guessing the contents. Chynna and Patrick show an affinity for it, with both guessing multiple items . Both Awet and Marq have difficulty overcoming their fears but, while Marq is eventually able to to do so, Awet continues to freak out and misses out on many guesses. At the end of the challenge, she is eliminated.

Challenge 2 - Gourmet meals...human plates

Champagne, caviar, bleu cheese and cherries are all fine foods...but the contestants will have to eat these delicacies directly from the bodies of four human plates, and guess what they are. The bodies of the "plates" appear much more daunting than the tasting of the food, but all three contestants are eventually able to sample what's on offer. Unfortunately, only two of them can move on, and Patrick is eliminated after missing out on the bleu cheese.

Challenge 3 - The Nose Knows

Without the use of their eyes, Marq and Chynna will have to use their sniffers to guess four...potent...items, with $5,000 on the line. Chynna guesses the peanut butter right away, but has a problem with the stinky shoe, guessing sweeter-smelling items like jelly beans, grapes, and flowers. Nobody has much luck with the sweaty armpit, and the garlic also turns out to be a surprising stumper. Ultimately, Chynna does the best and wins the big prize, while Marq Wilhelm Screams into darkness.


In the second competition, it's double the fun as four two-person teams enter the darkness. 

Jonathan & Sylvia - A 27 year-old couple
Kellie & Katie - A pair of 23 year-old identical twins
Brandon & Maxwell - A couple, 29 and 21 years old
Huguette & Alexis - A 59 year-old mother and her 22 year-old son

Challenge 1 - The Tanks

Once again, our contestants are tasked with feeling objects in a series of tanks and guessing what they are. It becomes clearquickly that Sylvia is skittish, but she has to touch the iguana, the eels and the spider, while Jonathan gets the teddy bear, the brush and the human foot. Katie and Kellie do well, as do Brandon and Maxwell, but Huguette seems to misunderstand and think each tank contains an animal, leading her to guess incorrectly and to her and her son's elimination.

Challenge 2 - Low Bridge

The fear of heights is the theme of this challenge...but it's all a ruse, as the contestants are made to believe they're being hoisted onto a high, narrow bridge, when the structure itself is only inches from the floor. Kellie and Katie navigate the challenge well (perhaps they have extra twin sense?), as do Brandon and Maxwell, but Sylvia has real problems taking the first step. In the end, she falls...and quickly realizes she's been duped. Hilarity ensues, but unfortunately, it's not the last fall she and Jonathan will take, as they plunge out of the contest.

Challenge 3 - Ducky and Cover

It's all in the setup this time around, as Jaleel tells the contestants they'll be navigating an obstacle course with a dangerous animal on their heads. The animal in question turns out to be a rubber ducky, but the contestants don't know that, and both team are faced with the fear of suddenly facing a deadly beast...particularly Brandon, who has a fear of spiders. Overcoming it, however, he's able to boldly move ahead, while Kellie coaxes Katie through a difficult tunnel. Both teams finish, but Brandon and Maxwell were faster, netting them the $5,000 prize and netting Katie and Kellie a plunge into total darkness.

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