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Don't Burst Your Bubble Helmet
Season 2 - Episode 1
Don't Burst Your Bubble Helmet

Total Blackout returns for it's second season, and the premiere episode has a twist! Instead of individuals competing, four teams of two battle for the $5,000 prize. They are:

Lauren & Erwin: A young couple from North Hollywood, CA

Cody & Tim: Best friends from Mammoth, CA

Ashley & Vernon: Young marrieds from San Diego, CA

Autumn & Kelly: Sisters from Compton, CA

Challenge 1: Guess the Weight

Each team must guess the total weight of four different items - a 350 lb man, a bodybuilder, a petite woman and a camel. Lots of groping and screaming (from the humans and the camel) ensue before Kelly and Autumn are eliminated. They were farthest off from the 2,363 lbs. total.

Challenge 2: Bubble Helmet

The three teams don bubble helmets with a large hole in the top. Various items are pored in, and using only the sense of touch (and, well, taste), the contestants had to identify what was what. Scorpions, grapes, beans and frogs all find their way into the bubble helmet (and in some contestants' mouths). In the end, Ashley and Vernon are farthest off and are eliminated.

Challenge 3: Mousetrap Maze

The two remaining teams, with each partner starting in a different position, have to navigate a maze bordered by mousetraps. Each partner must end up in the starting place of their respective team member. Adding another complication - they're barefoot. In the end, Tim and Cody are speedier (albeit, no less bruised) and take home the $5,000 prize.

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