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Buddy System
Season 1 - Episode 4
Buddy System
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It's doubles week inthe den of fear, with four teams of two joining Jaleel for some fun.

Sarah, 35 year-old female & Melissa, 31 year-old female, best friends
Allison, 39 year-old female & Tony, 34 year-old male, married
Dallas, 25 year-old male & Tahlia, 25 year-old female, married
DeShelle, 34 year-old female & LaTonya, 41 year-old female, niece and aunt

Challenge 1 - Dig Deep

 The pairs must search through coffins full of different things - rats, roaches, a human, and spaghetti & teddy bears - to find as many mousetraps as they can. Dallas and Tahlia, self-proclaimed alphas, seem to be teasing each other, while everyone else screams their way through the challenge. Melissa makes Sarah do all of the grunt work, too squeamish to do it herself. Their lack of teamwork may have cost them the challenge, for when it's time to jump, their team falls through the holes.

Challenge 2 - Negative Space

Jaleel tells the remaining six contestants that they'll have to conquer any fear of heights in this next challenge, since they'll be hoisted onto a tall platform and have to make their way across it without falling in any holes. What they don't know is that not only are there no holes, but the platform isn't even one inch off the ground. The contestants are hoisted about six inches high, suspended, then lowered. Nothing to it, literally. Dallas and Tahlia have a strategy - they'll make their ways to each other, then use the "path" that the other found, watching out for Vaseline or other booby traps. When they finish, Tahlia guesses that there might not have been any holes, and they could've run across. Smart thinking in hindsight, but it's too late now! Tony gets to the end and declares himself in need of a drink. So true. 

LaTonya and DeShelle are shocked to learn that, at 2:28, they had the best time of any team. The other pairs step forward, and it's the confident Dallas and Tahlia who fall through to darkness.

Challenge 3 - We Go Together Like...

The pairs must split up for this next challenge. One team member will identify three items in succession, while the other sits in a tank and has things dumped on them. Fun times. Tony identifies the first item - fish - so Allison gets to pull a rope and release the first mystery item. She guesses "worms" right off, and they get to move on. DeShelle has a harder time, but eventually gets it. Both teams move quickly through the "Cheese" and "Crackers" pairing. By then, they've all figured out that the first item goes with the second, so when LaTonya and Tony each guess "Spider webs," their respective partners know pretty quick that they have spiders dumped on them.

They reconvene with Jaleel and take the big jump. Tony and Allison got through the challenge just seconds faster than their competitors, so they go home with $5,000!

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