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Season 2 - Episode 220
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The good news is, Rush and Eli have created a program that allows them to see all of the command ships, and their attacking drones, in the whole of the galaxy. The bad news is, they're positioned at every gate in Destiny's path until the edge of the galaxy.

Eli sums up the situation: There are drones in attack positions at every supply site from here to the edge of the galaxy. Destiny has enough energy to make an FTL jump through this galaxy, across the stellar gap and into the next galaxy, provided no life support is used. The ship has enough stasis pods for every crew member to go into stasis for the duration of the jump, until they find themselves clear of the hostile race. Their only chance is to step into the pods, set the FTL jump, and come out when they're clear - in three years. The plan shocks everyone, but it's the best they can do with what they've got.

Each crew member is lining up to visit Earth and say goodbye to their loved ones, when a glitch occurs: The ship needs a supply of a rare element, found on a nearby planet. Park devises a strategy to launch a shuttle as a decoy to draw the fire of the drones while Destiny dials the planet and retrieves the needed material.

Before long, the crew is loaded into the pods. The nucleus of command - Rush, Eli, Young, TJ, Camille and their colleagues - are enjoying a final meal as the ragtag family they have become. Then, the officers step into their pods, and Eli, Rush and Young have one last conference.

It seems that one of the pods is malfunctioning, but the ship doesn't have enough life support for all three of them to stay out and solve the problem. Rush volunteers to stay out of the pod to fix the problem, but Young refuses. He can't trust the man, and would rather give his life than risk the mission Eli has crafted. He goes to say goodbye to Eli, but the budding scientist will have none of it. After a year of shadowing Rush and saving the ship and her crew again and again, Eli finally realizes his value. With full confidence, he proclaims his genius and his ability to fix the pod. He won't have it any other way: Young and Rush must go into stasis while Eli solves the problem on his own.

Young believes in him, and Rush, perhaps finally exhausted, yields. The elder men step into stasis, and Eli, self-possessed, stands gazing at the stars for one last time before getting to work.

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