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Van Helsing Episodes


As we learn more about Scarlett's past, a full blown vampire vs. human battle erupts. 

As the group struggles with the disappearance of one of its own, they find sanctuary in an unlikely place. 

While Axel fights his blood sucking nature, Vanessa faces off with a vampire warlord. 

A deadly new vampire hunter is introduced, while Vanessa faces her past and a dangerous secret is exposed. 

Vanessa faces off against Sam in a bloody showdown, while a brand new mystery begins. 

Vanessa encounters a strange settlement, while Sam begins a deadly game of cat and mouse with teenagers.

Vanessa makes a horrific decision to save her child, while a familiar face begins a new reign of terror.

Vanessa's plot to save her vampire daughter results in a battle with game-changing consequences.

As Vanessa searches for her vampire daughter, new alliances are formed and new rivalries born.


Get ready for some game-changing reveals as Vanessa fights for her life amongst the vampires.