For Season 2
Returns Later This Year

Van Helsing Episodes


Get ready for some game-changing reveals as Vanessa fights for her life amongst the vampires.

To find her daughter, Vanessa must infiltrate a vampire compound where she gets a whopper of a surprise.

With the killer revealed, it's Vanessa vs. her former friend.

The survivors visit a seemingly utopian enclave. Emphasis on the seemingly.

Secrets about Vanessa are revealed while one key moment changes everything.

As Vanessa and company attempt to find a new home, tensions explode and not everyone survives.

It's all-out war as Vanessa and her allies must defend their home against a vampire army.

Vanessa must escape a vampire horde and prevent outsiders from taking her home.

Vanessa gets a blast from the past while captured in the vampire stronghold. Plus: The serial killer revealed?

While Vanessa searches for her missing daughter, a murder mystery plays out in the humans' stronghold.