Bermuda Triangle Entertainment/Ousa Kuhn


As the Modesto-based creator of Bermuda Triangle Entertainment, Ousa Khun does it all, and although he will tell you he is head of craft services and a kung-fu master, in reality he is the director, editor, producer, and composer of all BTE's videos. Alongside Khun is Travis Ross - friend, cinematographer, and protégé. Over the past couple of years Ousa has become an Internet sensation after his YouTube videos, "Gang Fight!" and "Coolest Grandma Ever!" went viral. Khun shoots very guerilla style, often coming up with an idea and pulling a cast together right off the street. Ousa's videos shock and surprise the viewer, with unexpected twists and turns. However, he likes to call these "exercise projects" since his true passion lies in feature films. He has worked on nine features as well as several television commercials, documentaries, and music videos.


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