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Adam Sessler


Adam Sessler is a 14-year television and videogame industry veteran.  Known to his fans as the Big Daddy of all things videogames, Adam’s outspoken and articulate views have garnered him a large and loyal following.  In 2012, Complex Magazine named him one of the “Power Players: The 25 Biggest Celebrities in the Video Game Industry.”  He was also named one of the top 50 games journalists by Next Generation Magazine.  Adam lends his expertise to CNN, MSNBC, AP, KROQ, ABC Radio, HuffPostLive and a broad range of videogame media across all platforms, and is a featured speaker at various industry conferences.

Adam recently wrapped his second feature film, in a role specially written for him – Adam Sessler.  

Get to know Adam better - including what viral videos he's obessed with - in this video.


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