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Brittani Louise Taylor


Brittani Louise Taylor grew up in Sedona, Arizona. As a viral video cretor, she's raked in over 160 million views and created over 20 hours worth of videos. Brittani created her first video channel on May 8, 2007, under the pseudonym Rhonda Anthony Tanner. It was a hit and since then, Brittani went back to using her birth name in the hundreds of videos she's created. Brittani has two video channels, BrittaniLouiseTaylor and BrittaniLouise, and is one of the most subscribed women of all time. Known for her high production values and original characters, Brittani's most notable performances include the voice of "Granny Smith" in the Annoying Orange series, playing "Emo Girl" opposite Shane Dawson, and creating the character "Justin Bieber obsessed fan."

Brittani also hosts a pop-culture series for Myish Music and writes her own original music. She has collaborated with brands including Rogue Pictures, Lionsgate, The Weinstein Company, and Yahoo. She's also been a main stage panelist and featured personality at Anaheim's VidCon (the world's first and largest conference dedicated to online videos).

Get to know Brittani - including her favorite viral videos - in this Q&A. 

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