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Sandeep Parikh


Hello beautiful person and/or literate chimpanzee. Thank you, in advance, for reading this bio about Viral Video Showdown judge, Sandeep Parikh. He is a writer/director/actor that is best known for playing the affable stalker Zaboo on multi-award winning web series The Guild, which has garnered over 150 million views online. He created & directed Comedy Central's online smash hit The Legend of Neil about a guy who gets sucked into the fantasy video game Zelda and has to fight his way out. He's also had appearances in NBC's Community and Showtime's Californication. His latest work is Save the Supers, a My Damn Channel web series about a team of cash-strapped super heroes who start a reality show in order to save their headquarters from foreclosure. You can watch all of these programs on the Internet or just call Sandeep's mother and she'll explain the shows to you in half English, half Gujurati. She'll also teach you how to make a proper cup of chai.

Get to know Sandeep better in this video Q&A.

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