Warehouse 13A Gift Guide For America's Attic

A Gift Guide For America's Attic

Making Myka Merry

What do you get the team that has everything? The Warehouse may hold every artifact under the sun, but when it comes to brightening the holiday spirits of the people tasked with protecting it, we think there's a better (and less potentially explosive) way than bringing in another enchanted item. Join us as we make a list for our favorite Warehouse residents.

Myka really went through the wringer getting her team out of a virtual reality in "Don't Hate the Player." Getting friends and strangers to overcome their greatest fears while everyone's lives are being threatened is enough to put anyone off video games for life, so we figured Myka might like some good, old fashioned board games to play on quiet days around the B&B. Roll the dice, pick a card - anything other than leveling up and fighting the boss in a digital world.

H.G. Wells certainly made an impression on Myka last year as well as this year. The two were friends and enemies, and sometimes both at once. Since Myka can't converse with H.G. the way she used to, we thought her great love of books might fill that space where friendship once lived, and the complete works of H.G. Wells might give Myka a window into the woman's mind that their face-to-face relationship never provided.

We've never known Myka to be slow on the uptake. That's why we were so surprised when Pete's bald-faced reverse psychology in "The New Guy" worked so well and brought her back to the Warehouse - and her senses. We're glad she didn't see through the ruse, because hey, the Warehouse wouldn't be the Warehouse without her, but we have to wonder if there's something missing in her education. A textbook on Psych 101 might be a welcome addition to Myka's already impressive library.

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