Warehouse 13A Gift Guide For America's Attic

A Gift Guide For America's Attic

Presents For Pete

What do you get the team that has everything? The Warehouse may hold every artifact under the sun, but when it comes to brightening the holiday spirits of the people tasked with protecting it, we think there's a better (and less potentially explosive) way than bringing in another enchanted item. Join us as we make a list for our favorite Warehouse residents.

Some people's eyes are bigger than their stomachs, but that's not Pete's issue. We know his stomach can handle whatever his eyes light on, but sometimes his appetite gums up the schedule of cracking cases, like when Pete stopped at a Pennsylvania diner to sample all their pies while Myka toiled away at solving a mystery. Or like the time he caught a mysterious disease from a burrito. To keep that from happening again, we're supplying him with a full slate of military MREs, so he can slake his appetite whenever he'd like.

Pete's a goofball, and that's one of the things we like best about him. We didn't like to see him sad when Myka left the Warehouse, and we never want to see him that way again. So to "cushion" the blow of any future loss, we're giving him a whoopee cushion. We figure it'll brighten his days, should they ever become dark again.

And speaking of goofball, we can't help but tease him a little for that time when he turned into a kid. Maybe we could give him some Legos or G.I. Joes? Oh, wait...knowing Pete, he might actually still play with those! All the better - the holidays are about giving, and if Pete will have fun with some new toys, then new toys he shall receive.

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