Wizard Wars Episodes


Tonight's episode of Wizard Wars starts with a special treat from the Wizard Team: grand illusionist Shimshi takes the stage to perform a classic magic routine with Billie Kidd as his (reluctant) assistant.

The first team of challengers on Wizard Wars includes Joel Meyes, a magician from St. Louis, Missouri. He is joined by Nathan Kranzo, a comedian magician from Michigan. They square off against California-based magicians Chris Oberle, a close-up magician and Alex Ramone, large-illusion magician...

Tonight's Wizard Wars challengers hail from around the world. The first team of challengers comes from Montreal: Spidey, a finalist from Canada's Got Talent and Chris Ramsey, a street magician.

Tonight's first team of challengers on Wizard Wars includes Vancouver magicians Matt Johnson and Wes Barker. They'll face off against American neighbors Justin Miller, a street magician from Ohio and Adam Wilber, a close-up artist from New Hampshire.

The first team of challengers on Wizard Wars includes magicians Kyle and Mistie Knight, a husband and wife magic duo from Las Vegas. They square off against Jarrett and Raja, a comedy magic duo who's dazzled everyone from Lincoln Center patrons to Michael Jackson.

Wizard Wars is back, with more magic, intrigue and on-stage mayhem.

In the Wizard Wars finale, it's TEAM against TEAM as the wizards go head to head for a world-class magic showdown!

On tonight’s episode of Wizard Wars, it’s Nathan Burton, a veteran of the Las Vegas magic circuit looking to get back to his roots and Marcus Eddie, a twenty-year veteran of magic in Texas pitted against Tommy Wind, a Vegas magician with his very own theatre on the Strip and Chris Randall,...

This week on Wizard Wars, magicians Leon Etienne and Billy Kid go head to head with a pair of magicians from New Jersey, Mark Calabrese and John Stessel, a college sophomore.

This week's Wizard Wars pits two rising stars against two accomplished, young close-up magicians. First up is Blake Vogt, a 24-year old magician from Los Angeles who's created illusions for David Copperfield and David Blaine.