See 22 Times Waverly Earp Was the Absolute Cutest

Saturday, June 25, 2016 - 07:00

This is why Waverly Earp will always be the true heir in our eyes. See her in all her glory in the Season Finale of Wynonna Earp, tonight at 10/9c!

1. Nobody serves up a baseball tee, short shorts and shotgun quite like Waverly.

2. The time she served SVU evidence wall realness. Cute and comfortable.

3. Where do the buffalo roam? We don't care as long as we can slay - ranch style - like Waverly.

4. The time when she first met her future girlfriend, Nicole, and things got wayhaught.

5. Even her side eye is cute.

6. Giving us laid back goddess like only she can.

7. Jem tested, Waverly approved.

8. Serving jailhouse visitation fashions to the masses.

9. Legs. Nuff said.

10. Her face says "how could you?" But those soft body waves say "how could we not?"

11. A side swept 'do worthy of its own Pinterest board.

12. This is how you confront the evil Stone Witch, you outshine that b$#ch!

13. Way sophisticated - velvet scarf and all -  as she tries to confess her adoration to Officer Haught.  

14. Boho chic by Purgatory's finest.

15. I know, Doc, we look up to her too.

16. Swag.

17. She's mad, but we're not mad at that outfit.

18. "Hello? Is it me you're looking for?" Yes, Waverly. Yes it is.

19. This is us right now.

20. The Duchess of Purgatory.

21. We know, Bobo, we know. Swoon!

22. The face that make when you realize how cute you are.