For Season 4
Returns in September

Z Nation Episodes


Everyone reunites for one insane epic battle to rescue Murphy’s daughter and end the zombie virus.

It's Addy vs. The Man over the fate of Lucy, the rapidly aging zombie princess and humanity's savior.

It's Warren's human team vs. Murphy's zombie army with the fate of humanity at stake.

Doc finds refuge with three charming women who just happen to be psychotic cannibals.

Meet Lucy, the five-year-old zombie-human hybrid that can control the undead. And good luck.

Warren seeks out the new Escorpion's help to defeat Murphy. You'll never believe what she finds.

While searching for Murphy's daughter, Addy and Doc encounter some blasts from the past.

While The Man takes on Murphy, the gang embarks on a new mission.

What do you get when you trap Doc in a post-apocalyptic mental institution? This episode.

As 10K fights for survival against multiple enemies, Murphy reaches a new low.