Tuva Von Void

Heidi Gardner

Tuva is a state of the art, top of the line model AI unit (stands for Android Infotainer). She’s got teraflops of integrity, exabytes of authenticity and a heart that just won’t quit (assuming routine upkeep and maintenance of the plasma recoil and tertiary parallax compensators by a forwards-compatible service nexus at quarterly intervals). Her circuits are pushed to the limit by her most difficult compu-task: tolerating Drexx.

About Heidi Gardner

Heidi Gardner is returning to Saturday Night Live for her second season. Gardner comes from Los Angeles' improv-sketch theater The Groundlings. She is also the voice of Cooch in the Crackle series SuperMansion and appeared opposite Melissa McCarthy in the comedy feature Life of the Party. Gardner is in the upcoming independent feature Otherhood, with Angela Bassett, Patricia Arquette, and Felicity Huffman, and will make a guest appearance on the Comedy Central series from SNL's Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, The Other Two.

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