• Rush Hour

    A Hong Kong detective (Jackie Chan) and a wisecracking L.A.P.D. detective (Chris Tucker) choose to work together to find the missing daughter of a Chinese diplomat.

  • Rush Hour 2

    Two detectives (Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker) battle a Hong Kong gangster (John Lone) and his henchmen after a bombing at the U.S. Embassy.

  • Rush Hour 3

    The assassination of a Chinese ambassador reunites Lee (Jackie Chan) and Carter (Chris Tucker), who tangle with Triad gangsters in France.

  • Futurama

    S7.E3 Attack of the Killer AppFry gets carried away with social media and posts an embarrassing video of Leela online.

  • Futurama

    S7.E4 Proposition InfinityBender leads a campaign to legalize robosexual marriage between humans and robots.

  • New

    Dallas & Robo

    S1.E2 Moonbound and DownIn order to win a bet and score free booze at The Golden Pathfinder Casino, Dallas and Robo blast off on a high-speed, space-trucking moon run.

  • Futurama

    S7.E5 The Duh-Vinci CodeThe crew races to future Rome to unearth the shocking secret of Leonardo da Vinci.

  • Cyanide & Happiness

    S1.E2 The Transplant; Dentist; Shark DadA surgeon is surprised; a man goes to a dentist; a cool superhero emerges.

  • Hell Den

    S1.E2 The SpillFleek spills a gin martini on Bet-C, which has unexpected consequences.

  • Futurama

    S7.E6 Lethal InspectionBender learns that he suffers from a mortal manufacturing defect.

  • Acts of Violence

    A man teams up with his ex-military brothers and a detective to save his kidnapped fiancee from human traffickers.

  • The Philadelphia Experiment

    Government researchers try to re-create the 1943 "Philadelphia Experiment" to cloak warships, but their success has unintended consequences, forcing the survivor of the original experiment and his granddaughter to combat the death and destruction.

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  • The Twilight Zone

    S2.E28 Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?Police must figure out if a diner patron is actually a martian invader.

  • The Twilight Zone

    S2.E17 Twenty-TwoLiz Powell has a recurring dream in which she follows a nurse to the hospital morgue.

  • Lake Placid

    A New York paleontologist (Bridget Fonda) goes to the backwoods of Maine and teams up with the local game warden (Bill Pullman) to stop a 35-foot killer crocodile.

  • Lake Placid 2

    A sheriff, a big-game hunter and a wildlife officer try to kill three giant crocodiles.

  • Need for Speed

    Determined to take down his treacherous rival (Dominic Cooper), a street-car racer (Aaron Paul) runs through a cross-country net of cops and bounty hunters to enter the most prestigious race in the underground racing circuit.