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S1 - E10 |
Aired: 03/30/2022
Astrid & Lilly go head to head with the big bad. Can they actually save the world? 43:19


S1 - E9 |
Aired: 03/23/2022
It’s double trouble when a doppelganger monster arrives on the day of the school play 43:19


S1 - E8 |
Aired: 03/16/2022
Lilly’s nightmare monster comes to life during detention - but is fighting with Astrid even scarier? 43:19


S1 - E7 |
Aired: 03/09/2022
When a sexy new monster comes to town, passion runs high... and deadly. 43:19


S1 - E6 |
Aired: 03/02/2022
Principal Varshidi gets possessed with a demonic ego, and Astrid & Lilly must perform the exorcism. 43:19


S1 - E5 |
Aired: 02/23/2022
A haunting monster forces everyone to relive their worst childhood memory. 43:19

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