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Adama believes that Cylon technology is the only way to save the fleet, but his proposal for an alliance meets fierce resistance, led by Tom Zarek. 

After the startling revelations of the mid-season cliffhanger, the fleet and its Cylon allies have united in a joint search for Earth. 

A band of rebel Cylons hold President Roslin hostage while attempting to lure the Final Five out of hiding aboard Galactica. 

In pursuit of the enemy's Resurrection Hub, a misfit team of Viper pilots and Cylon rebels become uneasy collaborators in formulating a battleplan. 

President Roslin's abduction by the Cylon Hybrid triggers a bitter power struggle in the colonial fleet. 

President Roslin's leadership is tested as Galactica teams with Cylon rebels in a plot to destroy the enemy's Resurrection Hub. 

Unlikely alliances are forged after the search for Earth takes an unexpected turn. 

The search for Earth produces tension aboard the Demetrius for Kara and her crew mates. 

Baltar's beliefs create a controversy for those faithful to the 12 Lords of Kobol. 

With Kara Thrace piloting a lone freighter in her desperate search for Earth, political intrigue and marital discord aboard Galactica is matched by deep rifts in Cylon solidarity.