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Freaky Friday

S1 - E24 |
Aired: 04/28/2020
Using Havoc’s Freaky Friday box, Ally finds out what it’s like to be in her dad’s shoes. 8:32

Brock Meets Brock

S1 - E23 |
Aired: 04/28/2020
Havoc uses a Brock Mason clone for a hostage negotiation. Until the real Brock arrives. 7:41

Social Justice Warriors

S1 - E22 |
Aired: 04/28/2020
Havoc’s heist is interrupted by The Social Justice Warriors. They have an offer for him. 7:21

Kim Meets The Assassin

S1 - E21 |
Aired: 04/28/2020
To make Kim jealous, Havoc enlists his assassin to seduce Brock. It works a bit too well. 7:38

Superpowered Man

S1 - E20 |
Aired: 04/28/2020
Havoc faces a superhero who is so powerful there’s really no point in fighting him. 6:36


S1 - E19 |
Aired: 04/28/2020
Von Duct announces that he's come up with a new replacement for the minions: robots. 7:28