Krypton Episodes


Seg fights to save his city from being overtaken as the bottling of Kandor begins.

Seg must decide if he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in service of a greater good for Kandor. ...

As The Voice of Rao's power and influence increases, a resistance force grows to impede his takeover. 

In the aftermath of a failed coup, Daron-Vex must decide how to punish the conspirators. Meanwhile, Lyta-Zod and Dev-Em go in search of Jayna-Zod.

Seg-El is faced with an impossible choice that could shape not just the El legacy, but the fate of the universe itself.


Jayna-Zod grapples with her torn loyalties as Seg-El fights to survive within the heart of Black Zero.


Seg encounters a Black Zero leader as The Voice of Rao demands that someone be held accountable for the failed Rankless Initiative.


As the military cracks down on his home district, Seg-El and Adam Strange race to find an otherworldly invader.


Having suffered a tragic loss, Seg-El is forced to adjust to a new life, a new rank, and a new threat.


Seg-El learns that Krypton, his home planet, is in imminent danger. The lives of everyone and everything he has ever known are in jeopardy and so is the fate of his future grandson, Superman.