Jesse Lagers

Hometown: Portland, OR

Ever since he was a young boy, Jesse Lagers' favorite holiday was Halloween. Over time, he found he was wearing costumes even when it wasn't autumn. A self-described "geek through-and-through" he draws particular influence from Star Wars.

Born in Oregon, Jesse is a systems administrator for a software company, but has a side business building costumes and props, which he hopes to make a full-time pursuit. His cosplay style is realism, going to great lengths to take his cosplay work out of the realm of costumes and into a sense of authenticity, right down to adding dirt and grit to battle outfits. Contributing to his ability to bring realism to cosplay is his experience as a stormtrooper with the 501st Legion: Vader's Fist, a national organization of Star Wars enthusiasts who celebrate the series' mythology and also perform community fundraising, charity work and volunteerism. 

Jesse and his girlfriend ChinChin are proud "parents" of three pet rats.