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The President and Ivory try to decipher what really happened in the Dark Realm.

As the sisters prepare to open the portal to the Dark One, Hansen makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Now that Violet knows where the 3 Pages are, she returns to Fort Collins with Axel and Julius.

Violet is captured by a sadistic ringmaster and must battle her way out of his gladiator arena.

In a flashback to the Rising, Jack and her archers battle vampires that are taking over the city.


Three pages are key to raising or destroying the Dark One, but only Hansen knows where they are hidden.


Three generations of Van Helsings come together before a showdown with Elder Sam and the Oracle.


In an infested desert, Flesh and Axel chase a crazed Max, who has held Jennifer and Owen hostage.


Sam and the Brides arrive at Fort Collins, where Hansen reveals a secret for raising the Dark One.


After an epic battle, Axel reconciles with Vanessa and comes to terms with the death of Scarlett.