Hottest WayHaught Moments - The Truce

Hottest WayHaught Moments - The Truce


We're counting all of the best WayHaught moments of Season 3. In S3E7, So much love is in the air when Wynonna gives Nicole her official seal of approval, knowing she'll make a great sheriff and a great wife.

Hottest WayHaught Moments - Breakfast at Tiffany's
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Open Season
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Season 3, Episode 10, Sneak Peek
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Put a Ring On It
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Behind the Scenes: Seeing is Believing
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Undo It
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Hottest WayHaught Moments - Bulshar's Bride
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Right by Robin
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Behind the Scenes: Mrs. Potato Head
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Waiting Forever for You
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Persona Non Grata
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