Citizen Z

DJ Qualls

Private First Class Simon Cruller was stationed at a remote NSA listening post in the Arctic Circle at the start of the zombie apocalypse. There, he reinvented himself as Citizen Z, using his network of surveillance cameras and broadcast equipment to assist in Operation Bitemark's mission to get Murphy to a CDC outpost in California. He's not exactly safe from zombies all the way out there in the cold, but at least he's got a dog to keep him company. 

About DJ Qualls

DJ Qualls was born in Nashville, Tennessee. After auditioning for a small one line role in the film Road Trip, he was flown to meet producer Ivan Reitman – and ended up as one of the film’s stars. Following that, Qualls worked as a model for Prada. His film credits include Cherry Falls, The New Guy, The Core, Hustle & Flow and Delta Farce. TV credits include Legit, Lost, Memphis Beat, Breaking Bad, Perception and The Big Bang Theory.

You can follow DJ on Twitter. @TheOnlyDJQualls