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12 Monkeys Episode #11: 5 Things We're Still Talking About

Ramse, Ramse, Ramse. This guy is just full of (some horrifying) surprises. Relive them, here.

  1. The stabbing heard around the world.


    We thought Ramse socked it to Cole good at the end of episode 10 but this brawl was something else entirely. It was pretty sad to see Cole and Ramse's bromance come to such a violent and bloody end.
  2. The origin. So THIS is the end of humanity as we know it. We figured he'd be taller.


  3. THAT woman has a name and it's Olivia. How feminine and delicate for such a frightening creature.


  4. Speaking of Olivia, (seriously, we thought she looked more like an Elvira or Eveline …but we digress) she thinks that Ramse is the "Chosen One" to carry out the Army's mission! And then Ramse makes friends with Olivia, Pallid Man and the rest of the "Let's End the World, Ya'll!" team.


  5. Mommy Dearest. Jennifer wants to be a "daughter" again. Is this how "The Daughters"  that Ramse saw in 2043 (lead by an older, vaguely Samurai like Jennifer) came to be?

    Mommy Dearest